About Translation

Our Auslan Translation Service was established to support a range of government and non-government organisations to create media content that is accessible to deaf people.

Since our establishment in 2009, our portfolio of clients continues to grow including Transport NSW, the NRMA, the NSW Department of Family and Community Services, and the International Labour Organisation among others.

Our team is known for producing quality translations that accurately and effectively communicate your message in Auslan. All our presenters are highly skilled and engaging. Videos are also edited to be visually engaging with appropriately placed images and graphics that support the content.

We can translate English documents, web content, brochures, lectures, policies or audio into accessible Auslan content. We can even insert an interpreter into existing video content. Translations can be produced with subtitles and/or voiceover if required and the video can be delivered in a range of formats to suit your requirements.

We provide expert advice in visual communication and provision of accessible information for deaf people. From sourcing presenters to filming, editing, and delivering in your required format, we will manage every aspect of the project in consultation with you.

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