Why are you looking forward to the NDIS?

We’ve been sharing lots of information with you about the NDIS; what is it, who it is for and how to access it. But many people are still asking us, why should I access the NDIS? What difference will it make? We have barriers in life because of our disability. Sometimes we don’t even see the barriers because we’ve become used to them or we’ve found ways to work around them. But this also means that sometimes we miss out on information or opportunities for growth and deeper connections with other people.

We asked a few of our staff, why they are excited about the NDIS;

I'm the only deaf person in my family. I'm excited about the NDIS because my family will have the opportunity to learn Auslan which will make communication easier. I'm really excited about that

    - Rachael McQuillan

I'm hearing but my parents are deaf. I'm excited about the NDIS because my parents will receive better support. For example, our family is hearing and sometimes they forget about communicating in an accessible way so my parents miss out on what is happening at the dinner table and they rely on me to interpret.

The NDIS is an opportunity for my family to receive deaf awareness training and Auslan skills so my parents can feel included in family events and I can just be their daughter

    - Margot Cullan

I'm excited about the NDIS. I will apply for interpreter funding so that when I meet with a financial planner to plan my retirement, I will be able to communicate with them. Come and talk to us about NDIS.

    - Pat Knight

I enjoy going to the shooting centre in St Marys. When I asked for an interpreter they said 'no, we can't afford it'. It was really disappointing.

I'm excited because the NDIS will provide interpreters. When I bring the interpreter, I will be able to understand the English paperwork for my shooting tests. Then I will have equal access.

    - Rachel Connolly

I'm also excited about the NDIS because I will be able to go to events such as a writing retreat and learn a variety of skills like how to write stories.

The NDIS will provide an interpreter at no cost to me which means that I can communicate without barriers. I'm excited about that.

    - Rachael McQuillan

If you would like support to access the NDIS, please feel free to visit our offices or email us at ndis@deafsociety.com.