Have your say about Northern Territory supports and services 

Have your say about Northern Territory supports and services 

In July last year, Deaf Services and the Deaf Society announced a plan to expand our services into the Northern Territory.  

More recently, we introduced you to Debbie who will be supporting this expansion. 

In the video below, Debbie outlines her priorities for the next few months, including research into understanding what services are needed for the Deaf and hard of hearing community in the Northern Territory, and how these should be delivered. 

Northern Territory Announcement - YouTube


Debbie has created a survey, open to the Deaf community and anyone interested in Auslan courses in the Northern Territory. The survey aims to find out what services and supports you would like to have access to. Inside the survey are videos of Auslan translations. 

Please click here to take part in the survey

All responses will remain confidential and secure and will be used to guide our planning for the NT. 

If you need help completing this survey, contact our Community Access team. 

SMS, Facetime, or IMO - 

Mobile 1: 0438 716 068 

Mobile 2: 0438 408 074 

Email: community.access@deafservices.org.au