Australia’s largest Deaf service provider ready to deliver more with completed executive team.

Following their landmark merger in October 2020, Deaf Services and the Deaf Society has today announced the completion of the development and recruitment of its Executive Leadership Team, whose skills and experience will bring the organisation firmly onto the national stage, ready to deliver an ambitious and vital strategic vision. 


As a result of appointments completed in May 2021, the Executive Leadership Team of Australia’s largest whole-of-life service provider for Deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing communities now includes: 


  • Brett Casey, Chief Executive Officer  
  • Craig McDonald, Chief Operating Officer 
  • Sarah Page, Chief Financial Officer  
  • Isabelle Guaran, Chief People and Culture Officer  
  • Brent Phillips, Chief Impact Officer 

Ralph Collins, Deaf Services and the Deaf Society Board Chair, says that the completion of the executive team shows both a commitment to excellence in leadership and in the Deaf community. 

“We are particularly proud of the national and deaf cultural representation in this team, reflecting our organisation’s role in supporting all Deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing Australians," Mr Collins said. 


"This team is ready to work with our staff, community and stakeholders to drive the next phase of the Deaf Services and the Deaf Society, as a newly-merged organisation and through the continuing uncertainties of COVID, while continuing up uphold the work of our executive members who have worked within both organisations to this point.  


“We believe that this representation at a leadership level will support us to centre the communities that we support in everything we do, because we are also a part of them. Cultural representation and diversity have been critical in ensuring authenticity in our advocacy and strategy, and with three members of this team identifying as Deaf, we are proud to continue this commitment.” 


“On behalf of the board I would like to welcome Sarah Page, Isabelle Guaran and Brent Phillips to the organisation, and assure our membership that the entire Executive Leadership Team has the full confidence of the Board.”    


Brett Casey, Deaf Services and the Deaf Society CEO says the completion of the executive team is both a step towards the promise of the future and a commitment to the legacy of the past.  


“In announcing the completion of our Executive Leadership Team, we must also acknowledge the echoes of an absence,” Mr Casey said. 


“Personally, and on behalf of the organisation, I would like to recognise the role that Leonie Jackson would have played, as the former CEO of the Deaf Society and as our Executive Manager for Strategic Partnerships and Advocacy at the time of her passing. 


“Through everything we will do, we will honour Leonie’s memory, legacy and commitment to an equitable society.” 


As the next step in its strategic plan, Deaf Services and the Deaf Society will soon be working with Brisbane based brand agency Brother & Co along with stakeholders from the Deaf community on a reinvented brand which reflects the scope and vision of the merged organisation and assures a secure future. 

Deaf Services and the Deaf Society continues to work every day to empower, connect and celebrate the achievements of Deaf Australians and now offers support services in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, and the Northern Territory with Auslan interpreting services delivered nationally. The Executive team will be travelling across all our office locations in their day to day work. 


Deaf Services and the Deaf Society Executive Team  

Brett Casey, Chief Executive Officer (Brisbane) 


Brett has been the Chief Executive Officer of Deaf Services since 2010, and CEO of the merged organisation Deaf Services and the Deaf Society since 2020. Brett’s strong strategic acumen sees oversight of organisational performance and capability in the context of meeting stakeholder needs and ensures a robust engagement framework to build future innovation, planning and development. From 2011-2014 Brett was appointed as the Independent Chair for the Queensland Disability Advisory Council and in 2013, travelled to Geneva as part of the NGO parallel group to represent people with disabilities from Australia at the United Nations. Brett has been an appointed member of the World Federation of the Deaf Legal Commission since 2016. Brett holds a Bachelor of Arts/Laws (B.A. LLB), Grad Dip in Legal Practice and is admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland as a lawyer. 

Craig McDonald, Chief Operating Officer (Brisbane) 


Craig holds the role of Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for all services across Deaf Services and the Deaf Society. Appointed in 2013, Craig has assisted the organisation to grow and diversify income streams, whilst expanding the quality and breadth of services on offer. His role will continue to focus on the expansion and delivery of high-quality services as the organisation continues to expand to meet community needs. Prior to his role at Deaf Services, Craig worked in Life Sciences where he lead, negotiated and executed commercial transactions in excess of $176Ms. Craig holds a degree in Molecular Biosciences (B. Sc., Hons I, QUT) and an MBA (University of Queensland). 

Sarah Page, Chief Financial Officer (Brisbane) 


Sarah joined Deaf Services and the Deaf Society in early 2021 as the Chief Finance Officer. This role is responsible for providing leadership, direction and management of the organisation’s financial and IT strategies and includes providing strategic recommendations to the CEO and members of the Executive team to inform decision making and support strong organisational performance and growth. Sarah has a wealth of experience in both the commercial and community services sectors, most recently as Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary in a large State based not-for-profit. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Arts/ Laws (B. A. LLB, University of Qld) Masters in Professional Accounting (CSU) and is a registered CPA. 

Isabelle Guaran, Chief People and Culture Officer (Sydney) 


Isabelle joined the merged organisation in early 2021 as Chief People and Culture Officer and is responsible for supporting the people, safety, risk and administration functions. Belle has over 10 years' experience in employee relations, advocacy and human resources, across the community services sector and in government. Belle has been profoundly deaf since childhood and uses a cochlear implant. Belle believes in leading with vulnerability, compassion and courage and is passionate about the merged organisation being a place where people can connect and do their best work for our community. Belle holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Writing & Cultural Studies)/Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from UTS. 

Brent Phillips, Chief Impact Officer (Melbourne) 


Brent joins Deaf Services and the Deaf Society from the National Disability Insurance Agency where he was Branch Manager – Assistive Technology & Employment Outcomes. Brent brings a wealth of experience, success and energy from his work with the Victorian Disability Advisory Council, Expression Australia, Deaf Victoria and Deaf Sports Australia. Brent is a third-generation Deaf person, married to a Deaf person and is the proud father of two children. He has BA (Criminology) and MBA degrees and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. 

As Chief Impact Officer, Brent will work with key community, sector and political stakeholders to deliver full access and inclusion for Deaf Australians. 


Deaf Services and the Deaf Society.   


In October 2020 Deaf Services Limited and the Deaf Society officially merged to form a new entity - Australia’s largest provider of whole-of-life support for the Deaf, hard of hearing and deafblind communities.   


With shared history, vision and strengths, as well as over 200 years of proven community support, Deaf Services and the Deaf Society stands with the Deaf community, delivering services in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, and the Northern Territory with Auslan interpreting services delivered nationally. 


Deaf Services and the Deaf Society is a registered service provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), a nationally recognised provider of home care for seniors and delivers accredited training in Auslan through Access Training and Education (RTO#41192) 


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