Ageing Well NSW

Ageing Well NSW

Hi, my name is Sandra Carroll. I work with Ageing Well in NSW.

The Deaf Society/Deaf Services merger means that we can offer more Aged Care supports to deaf and hard of hearing people who need help in their home.

Deaf Services and Deaf Society receive funding from the Commonwealth Government to support older people. There are two programmes we are approved to offer;

Home Support – if you need just a little help and

Home Care – if you need a bit more support. 

Home Support: This programme is called the Commonwealth Home Support Programme; CHSP for short. We are approved to help with one specific type of help called ‘social support.’ This means we can help if you need a hand to do your shopping, get to an appointment or could use some company because you’re by yourself more. This is important now that you may be home more because of coronavirus.

Home Care: A Home Care Package. This is a more flexible programme, with grant of money for an individual to pay for care and equipment they need.

To get Home Support or Home Care you need to contact My Aged Care.

What is My Aged Care? It is the Commonwealth Government’s call centre for information about Aged Care and is taking requests for help from people.

I know this is not always straightforward or easy to contact government organisations; that’s why I can help you to contact and talk with My Aged Care. I can also help you with information about the type of help you could be eligible to receive.

And, please, if coronavirus has made things hard for you and you need a hand – contact me and I’ll see how I could help. 

Please click here to download our Ageing Well NSW Program brochure.

My contact details are :

Sandra Carroll
Phone and SMS: 0474 326 894