NDIS Plan Management in Your Language


Deaf Services and the Deaf Society are registered with the NDIS and offer Plan Management in Auslan and English - giving Deaf and hard of hearing NDIS participants complete choice, control and understanding over their NDIS funding. 


What is Plan Management? 

Plan Management is a service funded through the NDIS, where a Plan Manager helps manage part of your NDIS plan for you. This includes collecting invoices and paying bills from your NDIS funds.  


What does a Plan Manager do? 

Deaf Services and the Deaf Society has a team of Plan Managers who can:  

  • Communicate with you in Auslan or English
  • Translate your NDIS plan into Auslan 
  • Pay your service providers 
  • Help you keep track of NDIS funds 
  • Do your monthly financial reporting 
  • Work with you to understand your specific needs 
  • Help you choose the best way to manage your funds 


How much does it cost? 

Plan Management is a service funded through the NDIS. The line items used for Plan Management in your NDIS package are: 

14_033_0127_8_3 Plan Management and Financial Capacity Building – set up costs 

14_034_0127_8_3 Plan Management Financial Administration - Monthly fee 


How to get started: 

Get in touch with our Plan Management team in your preferred contact method and take control of your NDIS funding.  

Phone:  07 3892 8597  

SMS/FaceTime: 0429 773 082 

Email: planmanager@deafservices.org.au 

Skype: DS_Plan Manager 

Or fill in our contact form.