Auslan in the Home

The Auslan in the Home program is a warm and supported welcome to new families joining the Deaf Community. The program has been designed with a bi-lingual and bi-cultural approach providing family members including the child with information, techniques and language skills to support the deaf child’s development.

This is a great opportunity for the whole family to learn and participate in developing each member’s language and communication skills. You will learn age appropriate sign language through practical activities and learning signs around the home.

The program is delivered by both deaf and hearing educators incorporating support from experienced parents of deaf children.

When and where

The program is delivered in the home at a time that suits the family.

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If you would like to receive these supports under NDIS, you need have funding for;

  • Core Supports - Assistance with daily life
  • Capacity Building Supports - various categories

??The Deaf Society charges according to the price limit in the NDIS Support Catalogue.