Parent to Parent Support Program

"While all my friends have been supportive, it is really only people who have been in your shoes that can know what you are going through."

                                                                                               - Mother of 3 month old deaf daughter

Without doubt, parenting is a difficult yet rewarding challenge. Families with deaf children often feel isolated with relatively few contacts with whom to compare and share their experiences.

In partnership with Parents of Deaf Children (PODC), we offer the Parent to Parent Mentor Program. New parents are paired with more experienced parents of deaf children. It is an opportunity for you to share your experiences, seek advice and discuss your child’s future prospects.

The three-month program will;

  • Match you with an appropriate mentor taking into account your location, cultural preference
  • Provide support through an appropriate channel – face-to-face, phone, SMS, email
  • Encourage mentors to provide support weekly for the first month and then regular contact for the next two months.

When and where

Contact us to check if there is a mentor available in your area.

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