Vibrating Alarm Clock

Don’t want to be late for work or morning appointments? A vibrating alarm clock with pillow shaker is the way to go. The Bellman & Symfon range of bedside alarms clocks include sound, bright light flashes and powerful vibrations.

Alarm Clock Receiver

When it's time to get up, the alarm clock receiver wakes you with sound (over 100 dB), bright light flashes and powerful vibrations. It is also compatible with the smoke alarm, doorbell and baby cry transmitters so that you can be alerted to things around your home day and night.

vibrating alarm


  • Compatible with the Bellman & Symfon smoke alarm, doorbell and baby cry transmitters so that you can be alerted to things around your home day and night.
  • Extra loud, audible alarm of more than 100 dB. The alarm increases gradually in volume, so you have plenty of time to turn it off before others might be disturbed.
  • Wake up to powerful vibrations with the pillow shaker. Just place it under your pillow and it will wake you up with strong vibrations when the alarm goes off.
  • Wake up to high intensity flashing lights the same type you will find in a modern camera or a mobile phone, with the difference that the alarm clock is equipped with four flashes instead of just one. This means it's effective even during the day or if you prefer to sleep with the lights on.
  • Find your way in the dark with the special night light. It acts like a beacon and the gentle blue light will guide you back to bed without disturbing a living soul. 
  • The smart snooze feature differs from others in that it reduces the snooze interval from 9 to 2 minutes, by 2 minutes at a time. This will give you plenty of time to wake up, but also enough time for breakfast without unnecessary stress.
  • Have you ever overslept and discovered that the alarm clock stopped working due to a power failure? Now you no longer need to worry about that. The clock features a powerful battery backup that will step in whenever the power goes out. The backup battery does not only keep the time, it also keeps the bed shaker and flash lights at full power.

Package includes:

  • 1 x alarm clock receiver
  • 1 x pillow shaker

Optional extras:

  • Bellman & Symfon smoke alarm
  • Bellman & Symfon doorbell transmitter
  • Bellman & Symfon baby cry transmitter

Cost: $389.00 plus $10.00 delivery fee



If you would like to receive a vibrating alarm clock under the NDIS, you need to have funding for;

  • Assistive Technology
  • Home Modification

  • Assistive Products - Household

  • Consumables - Daily Adapative Equipment