Deaf Awareness Training

Deaf people can experience challenges when communicating with their work colleagues, friends or family who may also not be aware of their access and communication needs.

To help you overcome these issues, the Deaf Society has developed a range of informative and practical Deaf Awareness Training (DAT) programs which are designed to improve your understanding of and awareness of sign language, deaf culture, deaf people and access and communication issues deaf people face at work, at home or in social situations.

Our DAT sessions help develop strategies for improving the interaction between deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people. After attending our DAT courses, you will:

•   Understand the differences between deaf, and hard of hearing people
•   Learn about sign language and some basic Australian Sign Language (Auslan) signs
•   Learn some communication tactics to use when talking with deaf and hard of hearing people
•   Be provided with some strategies to ensure that your environment is accessible.
•   Most importantly of all, find you are able to communicate even better with others, because good communication rules are universal, and do not just apply to deaf people!

We have a training programs that range from 1 hour to 4 hours. If you employ a deaf person you may be eligible to access government funding to either partially or fully cover the cost of Deaf Awareness Training through the Employment Assistance Fund. For more information on Deaf Awareness Training, contact us.

Deaf Awareness Training has benefited my co-workers with the awareness of having a deaf employee, making everything around me and the communications between employees much easier.

- Deaf Employee

The Deaf Awareness Training was very engaging and insightful.  It developed my team’s awareness of the barriers to work that hard of hearing people experience and opened our eyes to the worlds of deaf people – it was also good fun.

- Paul Rossouw, Financial Operations, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet