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Driving on the Uber platform allows tens of thousands of Australians to be their own boss, have a flexible job and earn money driving their own private vehicle.

We’re proud to work with and support our driver-partners and the service they provide. Reaching out to some of our deaf and hard-of-hearing driver-partners, we learned that there were a few small app improvements that could make a big difference to their experience and that of their riders. The new app updates were developed in consultation with our driver-partners and are supported by leading advocacy group Deaf Australia.

In launching these app features, we’ve extended the earning opportunity that Uber presents to the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities. Driver-partners interested in the accessibility features can simply turn these features on in their app settings.

Flashing notifications

The Uber partner app signals a new trip request with a flashing light in addition to the existing audio notification.

Driver contact by SMS

The option to call a deaf or hard-of- hearing driver is turned off. Instead, when riders need to provide special instructions for pickup, they are only given the option to text their driver.

Rider informed in the app

The Uber app adds an extra prompt for riders to enter their destination ahead of their trip and notifies them their driver is deaf or hard-of-hearing.

While the changes themselves were small, they’ve had significant impact on making the Uber Driver app more accessible for our deaf and hard-of-hearing driver-partners.

NRMA Roadside Assistance

24 hours a day, country and metro areas - deaf / hard of hearing text to 0437 13 11 11.

How it works: TEXT NRMA on 0437 13 11 11

           1. Just type your name (e.g. Mr John Smith)
           2. Your car rego number (e.g. nsw abc123)
           3. Where you are (e.g. 260 Victoria Rd, Ryde)

NRMA will text you back more info.

Transport NSW

You can pre-plan your trip on public transport so you can arrive on time!

Visit the Transport NSW website for more information or to plan your trip.