Increasing the resilience of the NSW Deaf Community to natural disasters

The Deaf Society worked with the University of NSW, Sydney University and the Emergency Services on a two year NSW State Government funded project looking at increasing the resilience of the Deaf Community in NSW to natural hazards. The project aimed to:

  1. Increase the resilience of the Deaf Community to future natural hazards and disasters via improved access to and provision of emergency management information; and
  2. Increase the effective resources of NSW emergency service organisations enabling them to deliver their core business (to the Deaf Community) and to improve the deaf awareness for staff and professional officers within those organisations.

We are pleased to release the reports for your information with the key findings and recommendations presented.

Summary - The Needs of Deaf People

Summary - What emergency services can do to improve access for deaf people

Milestones 1 - Deliverable Synethesis Report

Milestones 2 & 3 - Deaf Community Experience, Knowledge & Needs (Final Results Report)

Milestones 4 - Emergency Services Capacity Assessment

Milestone 7 – Final Report