Deaf Get Ready - Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies can happen to anyone. They may be big or small such as a fire, flood, storm or accident in the home. The best way to recover quickly from an emergency is to be prepared beforehand. Emergency preparedness is simply accessing the right information so that you can put together a plan for your household.

In the past, accessing emergency information has been difficult for the Deaf Community. The Get Ready project is all about making this important information deaf-friendly and easily available. With access to this information, you can take the simple steps to be prepared for emergencies.

Your local Deaf Liaison Officer
To help the Deaf Community access information, we have Deaf Liaison Officers (DLOs) who help communication to flow between emergency services and the Deaf Community. The DLOs have been trained in basic preparedness and how to share this information with community members. They have strong relationships with emergency services and know where to get up-to-date, expert information.

The current DLOs are based in the following communities; Metropolitan Sydney, Illawarra & South Coast, Campbelltown & Southwest Sydney, Blue Mountains & Surrounds, Newcastle & Hunter, Central Coast and Lismore. Contact your DLO if you have any questions about emergency preparedness and preparing an emergency plan for your household. Our volunteers work together for our deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing communities

Who are the Deaf Liaison Officers?

For more information about this program, contact us.


The Redi Plan

These 7 Auslan videos are based on the Red Cross Redi Plan. The Redi Plan prepares you for any type of emergency such as bushfire, house fire, flood or storm. The area you live will be at higher for some disasters over others. The videos will lead you through the steps of preparing an emergency plan for your household and the risks in your area.

Video 1 - Emergencies can happen to anyone!

Video 2 - First Things First: Prepare Your Mind

Video 3 - Step 1 Get Informed

Video 4 - Step 2 Get Connected

Video 5 - Step 3 Get Organised

Video 6 - Step 4 Get Packing

Video 7 - Start A Conversation


Funded under the joint State and Commonwealth Natural Disaster Resilience Program.