Emergency Information

Contacting Emergency Services

If you need emergency services, there are two recommended ways to contact them through the National Relay Service (NRS);

1. Internet Relay

If you are using internet relay, you can type 000 in the ‘phone number I want to call’ section. Your call will be given priority over other non-emergency relay calls. You will be asked if you want police, fire or ambulance. The relay officer will dial the correct service and stay on the line to relay the call to the emergency service. You will need to provide your location because the NRS cannot automatically identify where you are.

2. SMS Relay

You should send a SMS to the NRS at 0423 677 767. Make sure that you include in the message;

  • Triple Zero (000) as the number you want to call. The NRS computer system will recognise your text as an emergency message and will give it priority over other non-emergency calls.
  • The emergency service you need – police, ambulance or fire brigade.
  • The exact address or location of the emergency.

When the SMS is received, the relay officer will place the call to Triple Zero. They will stay on the line to relay your call to the emergency service.

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