Money Minded

The MoneyMinded project is a collection of videos which provide financial literacy for Deaf people. All videos are in Auslan (Australian Sign Language) with English captions.

This resource is available on this website via the link at the bottom of this page. The videos will also be utilised in Independent Living Skills training for Deaf Society clients.

This resource is the first of its kind and provides access to informative and educational information about managing money for the Deaf community.

It enables Deaf people with additional disabilities to be more informed and make better decisions about how they spend their money leading to a greater sense of independence.

Another outcome is improved confidence among deaf people as a result of increased independence.


Spending Diary

Spending Leaks

Comparison Shopping

Form 1

Form 2

Bills Tracker Calendars

Calendar 1

Calendar 2

The content of the videos has been adapted with the assistance of the Benevolent Society, using ANZ's MoneyMinded financial education program and funding from the ANZ Staff Foundation. The Deaf Society of NSW appreciates the generous support of these two organisations.