Home safety Information

How safe is your home? Do you know what a Property Inventory is? Do you know what to do you keep your home safe while you are on holidays? Did you know that if your home has been broken into, it is common for thieves to return and try again after 3 months? These 7 videos have lots of valuable information to help you keep your home safe. The information in the videos has come from the “Home Safe” brochure which is a partnership project of the NSW Police Force and NRMA Insurance. The Deaf Society was lucky enough to get a grant from NRMA Insurance to create the videos and make the information in the brochure more accessible for deaf people.

1. Make your home safe - introduction

2. Four items to keep your home safe

3. Property Inventory - a list of valuable things you own

4. Keep your home safe when planning a holiday

5. Protecting your castle

6. Security Checklist

7. Things to avoid